A Tribute To Father Al

Father Al’s Legacy of Love in Words and Pictures
By: Sr. Michaela Kim, SM
Sisters of Mary

        After his death in 1992, Fr. Al’s footsteps could still be traced and seen in his Boystowns and Girlstowns.  His legacy is LOVE.

He taught us to love Jesus in the Eucharist; he taught us to love Jesus through devotion to the saints and the Blessed Mother; he taught us the love of Jesus in the poorest of the poor; and, above all, he taught us to see and touch the face of God in the poor whom we are serving.

His spirit of poverty has taught us that only in emptying one’s self can one possess God, the most treasured Good, and with God one possesses everything.

Indeed, we will always feel grateful for having once seen, talked to, and listened to Fr. Al, who was a generous instrument of God’s love.  

In his very person lies the personality of what a true servant of God is.  He has shown us how to use our time and God-given talents properly.  He has shown us how to be with the Lord in all circumstances.

He has shown us the example of radiating smiles, joy and sharing peace, even if one is confined to a wheelchair and is suffering a distressing illness.

On his death bed, while slowly breathing his last, he was emitting the goodness and holiness of Christ.

These photographs are a silent witness to his love.